knot beanie - cream

The knot beanie is the cute little knotted cap to wear as a birth cap or for the older ones as a trendy and useful accessory to protect the little heads from the sun in summer and the wind in the cool season.
- made from 95% organic cotton, dyes and GOTS certified prints

- day+night style : "pretty enough to be worn during the day, and comfortable enough to be worn at night

- 100% safe, 100% cool

- all our beanies are handmade; each piece is unique and some small differences can be noticed between the models

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The knot beanie whipped cream, a timeless little piece in the collection, seduces us with its softness. Whether it is to wear to the maternity ward, presentations to family and friends, or for the first photos it will be the ideal little accessory for little girls.

Made from 95% organic cotton, each step of its manufacture has been carried out in compliance with the strict GOTS charter, which guarantees the total safety of the product, certified organic cotton but also the eco and socio-responsible aspects.

Each beanie is handmade and hand-knotted, making each piece unique.

The knot beanie whipped cream can be worn with the day+night whipped cream, pansies or tonka babysuit. The older ones from 1 year old can wear it with the day+night dots cream, perfect nude or pansies jumpsuit for example.


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