californian beanie . nut

The Californian beanie is the little looze hat that will give your baby a little surf look; to wear as a birth cap or as a trendy accessory until 24 months. 
- made from 95% organic cotton, dyes certified GOTS

- day+night model: "pretty enough to be worn during the day, and comfortable enough to be worn at night''

- 100% safe, 100% cool

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California beanie nut... our favorite model of cool little guys. With its effortless style, its looze cut, it will give your baby a cute little Californian surf look.


Ideal as a maternity cap, it will legally be the perfect accessory for older children up to 2 years old.

Practical and comfortable, it's without a doubt the cool touch of the little guys'


Made from 95% organic cotton, its camel color has been developed in our partner workshops using 100% eco-responsible and non-toxic inks that are 100% GOTS certified.

The Californian beanie nut can be worn for the older ones with the day+night tonka jumpsuit (this is our favorite match) or dots nut for example. For babies 6 months and under, it can be worn with the day+night whipped cream babysuit or with the dots cream, dots nut or tonka.

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