• day+night overalls
    <p><strong>DAY+NIGHT OVERALLS</strong></p> <p>Bonjour Little day+night overalls have been designed to be 'cute for days and comfy for nights'</p> <p>Designed in an effortless style inspired by the Californian way of life, with their adorable loose side, they are available in a version with feet for sizes from birth to 6 months and footless for sizes from 12 to 24 months.</p> <p>Made from 100% organic cotton, with GOTS certified dyes and prints, these tiny suits have been manufactured to be  perfectly soft and harmless in order to take the greatest care of baby's skin.</p> <p>The colors and prints are inspired by nature, a major source of inspiration for the Bonjour Little brand. They are ideal in the maternity suitcase to dress your little one and for the big boys and girls up to 2 years old.</p> <p>Bonjour Little day+night overalls are ideal as a chic and cool birth gift.</p>
  • cardigans
    <p><strong>CARDIGANS</strong></p> <p>The day+night Bonjour Little cardigans are perfect basics.</p> <p>They are available in a wrapover version from size 0 to 6 months and a front buttoned version from size 12 to 24 months, making it convenient at any age.</p> <p>Made from 100% soft organic GOTS certified cotton jersey, they will perfectly match the <a href="">Bonjour Little day+night overalls.</a></p> <p>They are available only in plain colors for a chic and refined look: perfect nude, nut and whipped cream.</p> <p>These 3 colors can be worn by a little boy or a little girl, ideal for parents who want to keep the surprise of gender for the day of birth.</p>
  • beanies
    <p><strong>BEANIES</strong></p> <p>The iconic Bonjour Little beanies are the coolest babies accessories ever! With their unique look and style, they can be worn both during summer to protect little heads from the sun but also during the cool season to protect baby from fresh air and wind.</p> <p>They can be worn as maternity caps for very small sizes, far more modern than the classic ones. <br />At Bonjour Little you will find the little beanie, which fits both boys and girls, the Californian beanie which fits well the little boys, and the knot and turban beanies for little girls.</p> <p>Mixed with the<a href=""> day+night overalls</a>, the Bonjour Little beanies will bring a cool and trendy touch to the look.</p>
  • swaddles
  • kimono sleeping bags
    <p><strong>SLEEPING BAGS</strong></p> <p>We offer 2 types of sleeping bags:</p> <p>The stuffed sleeping bag, made of organic cotton gauze that covers baby's needs all year round.</p> <p>And the kimono sleeping bag, with a new and cute look, adapted to baby's need for reassurance during his first 3 months.</p> <p>Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, it is a real little cocoon of softness where baby will feel safe. The Kimono sleeping bag is tied at the bottom to allow the length to be adjusted and to contain the babies so that they feel reassured as if they were in their mother's womb.</p> <p>The perfect birth gift</p>
  • elastic bedsheets
    <p>ELASTIC BEDSHEETS</p> <p>Bonjour Little's elastic bedsheets from bed linen collection are made from a soft and slightly embossed organic cotton gauze. They are declined in the brand's iconic prints  and the plain colors. They are available in 3 sizes: 50x70 cm with double use for cradles and changing mat, 60x120 cm for classic baby beds and 70x140cm for evolving bed. They will be a perfect match with sleeping bags or bed linen according to the age of the child for a cool and comfortable bedroom.</p>
  • bed sets
  • blankets
  • doll outfits
    <p>DOLLS AND DOLL'S OUTFITS</p> <p>Bonjour Little doll outfits are mini versions of baby outfits. They come from the idea of preparing a gift to big brothers and sisters when a newborn baby comes into the family. The idea is that the little doll is dressed with the same outfit as the baby. So mommy, takes care of the baby and big brother/sister of the doll. They are suitable for dolls of about 32/35 cm like the Gordi Minikane Paola Reina dolls. We propose our outfits alone or with a Minikane Paola Reina doll.</p> <p>They are the ideal gift for a birth or for a little girl or a little boy's birthday. The outfits are made of 100% certified GOTS organic cotton  and easy care.</p>
  • doll bed linen



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