Bonjour Little gift set - box only


Compose your gift box to celebrate a birth or another event. 

Choose your articles to compose this adorable box.

Examples of birth boxes:

- Girl's birth gift set: Babysuit pansies + Turban beanie pansies + Big swaddle pansies + Baby card "Petite Fille". CINQMAI for Bonjour Little.

- Boy's birth gift set: Babysuit marbella + Californian beanie pampa + Big swaddle marbella + Baby card "Little Boy". CINQMAI for Bonjour Little.

Note: By default, any item in the basket will be included in the gift box. If you wish to add an item separately, leave us a message at the end of the order. 

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You can add a personalized note that will be written on a card and slipped into the gift box.

The box can be reused as a souvenir box to store baby's things.

Size: 26x19x6 cm

Colour: Black matt

Printing: Bonjour Little logo on the front + phrase "COOL GIFT INSIDE" on the top.

Examples of compositions:

- 1 Big swaddle + 1 or 2 Beanies + 1 Overall

- 1 little swaddles set + 1 Beanie + 1 Overall

- 2 Beanies + 1 Overalls

- 2 Big swaddles

- 1 Doll's outfit + 1 Beanie + 1 Overall

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