little beanie . crazy dots cream


The little beanie is the little adjusted bonnet very fashionable at the moment. It can be worn as a birth cap or as an accessory for older children.

- made from 100% organic cotton, dyes and GOTS certified prints

- day+night style : '' cute and comfy apparel to wear out and sleep in ''

- 100% safe, 100% cool

- the strings to be tied are voluntarily less than 14 cm long to prevent any risk of strangulation; their size makes it possible to make a small knot but does not let strings hang around the baby's neck for safety; this is our priority.

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The little beguin dots cream is one of our essentials. Grafic but soft at the same time, it is so special with its charcoal gray crazy polka dots.

Made of 100% GOTS certified cotton jersey, prints are made of non-toxic inks, and according to the bloc print technique; an ancestral technique that have survived intact. According to this process, each color is printed successively : one carved wooden square is used to print each color.   
Completely handcrafted, the print is far more qualitative than laser print.

On this model, stings' lenght is under 14 cm to avoid any shocking hazard.

The little beguin dots cream perfeclty matches the same print on nut for example : with the day+night babysuit or the knot sleeping bag; and for the oldest with the day+night jumpsuit dots nut. 

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