little beanie . whipped cream


The little beanie is the little adjusted bonnet very fashionable at the moment. It can be worn as a birth cap or as an accessory for older children.

- made from 100% organic cotton, dyes and GOTS certified prints

- day+night style : '' pretty enough to be worn during the day, and comfortable enough to be worn at night ''

- 100% safe, 100% cool

- the strings to be tied are voluntarily less than 14 cm long to prevent any risk of strangulation; their size makes it possible to make a small knot but does not let strings hang around the baby's neck for safety; this is our priority.

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The little beanie cream is the soft little essential hat of baby's dressing.

A little outdated, it has now become trendy, far more modern than the little maternity cap we all know.

At Bonjour Little, we pay the greatest attention to the safety of babies : the cotton jersey and the dyes used are non-toxic and eco-responsible. We want to do our best to ensure that our collection is made with respect for people and nature.

The little beanie cream can be combined for babies from 0 to 6 months with the day+night whipped cream babysuit or  pansies and tonka prints. For 12 to 24 months old, it can be worn with the day+night perfect nudepansies or  tonka jumpsuit.

This model can also be combined with the whipped cream kimono sleeping bag for an immaculate outfit, with the perfect nude color or with the pansies and tonka prints.

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